about US

Cool as Ice Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is a dynamic contractor, focusing on new installations and servicing, maintaining and alteration of existing installations as well as the repair and refurbishing of domestic, commercial and industrial equipment and installations.

The Management of Cool as Ice acknowledges that our operations have the potential to expose employees and communities to safety, health, environment and quality hazards if not adequately addressed and controlled.

We believe that our people, clients and communities that may be affected by our operations are entitled to safe, healthy and productive life, living in harmony with nature with as little disturbance as possible.

This approach will ensure that we:

* Identify, assess and manage all the risks our operations may be responsible

* Create a culture of interactive communication between management, employees and clients

* Meet and exceed all requirements in respect of safety targets, legislation, equity and empowerment

* Implement industry best practices to ensure continual improvement and to avoid damage to property and the environment

* Minimize exposure to noise and dust and any other occupational health issues to minimize the risk of occupational disease during our operations

* Deliver a service of the best quality that we are capable of, with cognizance of the available advances in technology

This policy will be duly implemented and communicated to all relevant parties and will, with input from all stakeholders, be updated and reviewed on a regular basis.